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Audra Geras

Audra Geras is a Canadian fine artist working in new and mixed media in the style of evocative abstraction. Audra’s mysterious and enigmatic abstractions are an exploration of visual imagery involving a synthesis of the organic and technological worlds. The Japanese aesthetic concept of Shibui is especially relevant to her creative vision as it relates to the mystery and subtle suggested meanings that are contained within a work of art, and as it reveres the quiet contemplative aspects of artistic expression.

Audra is a hybrid, with passions that lie in both the arts and science. In addition to being a contemporary abstract artist, she is also an internationally acclaimed biomedical artist known for dramatically translating the beauty and complexity of science and medicine into visuals. Audra's biomedical paintings have won over 100 international Awards of Excellence and have been exhibited world-wide in numerous group shows and in solo exhibits in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Basel, Budapest, London, Los Angeles and Toronto. Her work was also featured in the prestigious juried exhibition of biomedical art at TEDMED in San Diego.   

(To see Audra’s biomedical art please visit:

Audra's fine art represents a fusion of digital and traditional media. This creative exploration has expanded her artistic vocabulary and provided the freedom to discover innovative frontiers of artistic expression.

“In my work as a professional biomedical artist, I most often depict subjects on a cellular and molecular level. I reveal what can’t normally be seen, and strive to inspire interest and understanding. The goal behind my fine art is the opposite; it is to awaken an awareness of a deeper mystery."

Joseph Campbell wrote that “A real artist is the one who has learned to recognize and to render… the ‘radiance’ of all things as an epiphany or showing forth of the truth”. 


"Campbell's words resonate in my core. Art has the power to transport us back to a child-like state of wonder and curiosity, engaging us in an experience that transcends science. Creating art with this goal in mind seems to me a singularly worthy aspiration." – Audra Geras

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