Welcome to the Audra Geras fine art online gallery. Audra is a Canadian fine artist working digitally and in mixed media in the style of evocative abstraction. Audra’s mysterious and enigmatic abstractions are an exploration of visual imagery involving a synthesis of the organic and technological worlds. Exploring subjects such as nature, technology, spirituality and the human mind, Audra’s fine art images are emotional, philosophical and conceptual in interpretation. The Japanese aesthetic concept of Shibui is especially relevant to her creative vision as it relates to the mystery and subtle suggested meanings that are contained within a work of art, and as it reveres the quiet contemplative aspects of artistic expression.

Audra is also an internationally renowned and multiple award-winning biomedical artist, and president of a visual biomedical communications studio, Geras Healthcare Productions. In addition to her abstract fine art and GHP studio art, Audra creates custom science-based fine art paintings for corporate and private clients. Her biomedical art can be seen at: www.audrageras.com 

Featured painting:   Reflections 3, © 2016 Audra Geras
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